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When people think about the concept of horse betting, automatically they think of going through the names, looking at the wins and losses and then putting money on the horse or horses that they feel have the biggest chance of winning. Here at horse-laying.co.uk we’re going to tell you exactly how you can make money from the losers as well as the winners.

Horse racing has never been more popular in the UK as it is now, with professional and amateur bettors placing their money on the horses. Most traditional bookies are eager to accept bets on winning horses and revel in the cases of favourites losing. However, they dislike the idea of taking bets from clients choosing to ‘lay a horse’. Online bookies however, are more than happy to accept these bets. So, how does betting on losing horses work and is it really possible to make money from a horse losing a race? We’re going to show you that it’s much easier to be successful when you’re backing a horse to lose.

How Does Lay Betting Work?

If it’s so much easier than regular horse betting, then why don’t we all do it? We’ll, simply put, not many people even know what lay betting is. Lay betting – or ‘laying a horse’ means picking a horse, normally the favourite, to lose a race. However, the main difference is that when you lay a horse you effectively turn into a bookmaker. If your horse wins the race then you have to pay out.

An example of this is: you choose to lay ‘Gorgeous George’ at 7 in the 2.30pm race at Epsom for a £10 stake. Your liability is the stake (£10) multiplied by the horse’s laying odds (7) minus the stake (£10) – so it’s £10 x 7 – £10 = £60. Therefore, you will lose £60 if your horse wins. However, if ‘Gorgeous George’ loses as you predicted, your pay-out will be £70 (your £60 liability plus your £10 stake). As soon as you have entered the stake, your liability will automatically be displayed so you can see what you may have to pay-out. If you wish to see what your winnings would be, simply click the pay-out button. You don’t need to work it out yourself as it will all be done for you.

Tips for Success

Why It Is So Popular

The main reason it is popular is because it is much more flexible that traditional horse racing betting. It is obvious that it is easier to pick a losing horse than a winning one. As well as this, you can benefit from much more profitable odds. You get much better odds laying the favourite than betting on it to win. As well as this, bookmakers pretty much make most of their profits from the favourite horses losing.

One thing that may put people off from trying out ‘laying horses’ is that it sounds much more complicated that the traditional methods of horse betting. You definitely need to spend your time familiarising yourself with the layout and terms of lay betting on the site that you choose. You can also find lots of sites and books offering guides to successful lay betting. It isn’t the easiest to get into initially, but if you do your homework and make sure you know your online bookie well then it can turn out to be much more profitable in the long run. It’s worth the work.

Our Tips for Success

To get you on the road to successful lay betting success, at horse-laying.co.uk we decided to get some of the best tips together:

Look for a good horse handicapper to help you narrow down your choice of horses. Handicappers are people that rate each horse for the specific track, jockey, trainer and other factors. This is easier said than done though. It is pretty tough to find a good handicapper as not many want to give away their handicaps. You could try visiting secret betting clubs that specialise in getting the best tipsters and have a good and open community.

Check out for yourself the selection that has been given to you by a site with V75 tips or other horse racing coupon suggestions. There are a number of sites that will help you do this, such as racingpost.com. The performances at each race is broken down with statistics for the jockey, trainer and horse.

Maximise your profit from your lay bet by checking out and taking advantage of the best odds. Remember that lower odds equal a lower liability, which is good as it means you will stand to lose less. Having said that, you also won’t win as much so it’s less of a risk if you’re just getting started.

Make the most of the software available. Various software providers offer you the chance to trade horse odds as they fluctuate. This involves making a lay bet at lower odds than a corresponding back bet. The general rule of thumb is lay low and back high. Some software comes with a hedging function which allows you to back all the other horses in the race to guarantee a profit or lock in a loss.

If you trade your odds, then do it 10 minutes before the race starts. This is the time that most money enters the market.

So, what are you waiting for? This is a way to start earning much more money on the horses than you ever thought possible. Simply swat up and do your homework and you could be on the way to backing a loser all the way to the bank.